Breath Test.. I Would Prefer Not To

False Certifications of Alcotest Devices Under Review

A number of prior clients have recently contacted our office after receiving letters from the County Prosecutor’s office. These letters informed them that a New Jersey State Trooper from the Alcohol Drug Test Unit, had been suspended from the State Police and criminally indicted for falsely certifying that Alcotest breath test devices he had inspected, […]

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DWI Lawyer in Matawan NJ

Around Ocean County on WJRZ 100.1 Podcast

Lisa Anderson’s June 25th interview with DWI Defense Partner Peter H. LedermanA great deal of helpful information was exchanged in an in-depth discussion on the reasons people drink and drive and the issues that need to be addressed to curtail the problem.The program also aired on 95.9 WRAT.

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So Political! article by Peter Lederman New Jersey Law Journal 2017

So Political

In this time of “change” that elected our new president, it’s time for us to take care of business at home and reform our municipal courts.

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Best DWI Lawyer in New Jersey

Video Recordings and DWI Investigations

Municipal Court Practice CLE Seminar “How to Resolve a DWI Case” by Peter Lederman, Esq. For the eleventh time in the last eleven years, we presented a seminar on DWI issues to the Middlesex County Bar Association in New Brunswick, New Jersey. This was one of the most interesting presentations as it involved a review […]

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