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NJ municipal courts treat you like an ATM: Is it justice or a shakedown?

Designed for Failure

The Asbury Park Press article published on June 10th , 2018 talks about how the current court system is set up to fail. The amount of flaws within the justice system are astonishing. Peter Lederman, DWI attorney in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, explains this further. He is quoted

“Too much of a direct relationship between fines, arrests, summonses and revenue. Is the job to  do justice? Or is the job to provide revenue? Or is the job to move cases as quickly as possible?  It’s obvious to anybody who spends any time in the court system that while there are some people who do an outstanding job, as prosecutors, judges, public defenders- the system has  serious structural problems that require reform”

Lederman explains that the justice system is currently based solely off of revenue and not in favor of the people. He also states,

“Systematically, they’re designed for failure and they don’t work very well. It takes someone who is really strong, someone is self-assured and not afraid of losing their job, to do the right  thing many times over again”

He describes each of the individual flaws of the system, going on to explain one needs to fight for what they think is right in these cases, especially now more than ever.

To  read more about this article head over to the Asbury Park Press site or clink the link provided below to hear what Lederman and other attorneys are saying about the current justice system.