Dealing with DWI in New Jersey

Obviously, it is very difficult to deal with a DWI summons on different levels. As far as representation is concerned, an attorney should be retained who will fight for the client with all of the defenses which are available. This representation should be obtained at the earliest possible time, to ensure that the attorney will have the greatest opportunity to present the best case possible.

An individual charged with Driving While Intoxicated should not be afraid to get as much information as he can from all available sources. Hopefully this website has assisted in obtaining information which will assist a Defendant in dealing with DWI complaints.

Notwithstanding the information provided in this website, there is no substitute for actually meeting with an attorney to discuss the particular facts and circumstances of each case. Our office prides itself in being accessible for each new client to meet and discuss the specific issues and possible defenses in their cases. Consequently, Peter Lederman has a policy of not seeking any consultation fee for initial consultations. Fees, therefore, are only incurred once a written agreement for representation has been entered into with the client.

Finally, in dealing with DWI charges a client can be faced with challenges on a number of levels. An individual charged with this offense should make every effort to identify and address issues so they can be resolved as quickly as possible. We always encourage our clients to deal with these issues aggressively and to try make a good thing out of a bad thing.