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Dealing with DWI in New Jersey

An individual charged with Driving While Intoxicated should not be afraid to get as much information as he can from all available sources. Hopefully this website has assisted in obtaining information which will assist a Defendant in dealing with DWI complaints. …learn more

DWI Links

Listed are links to websites with additional resources to help inform you about NJ DWI. …learn more

Field Sobriety Testing

A five part set of information about field sobriety testing. The posts cover topics such as the horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn test, one leg stand, and the standards for the SFST. As well as a general introduction. …learn more

Hiring the Right DWI Lawyer

To help you in your decision making process Peter Lederman has put together a list of seven traits to look for in a DWI attorney. It is in hopes that this list will empower you to hire an advocate who has the ethics and passion to represent you properly and get you the best result possible, without adding more stress to this time of crisis. …learn more

What to look for in a New Jersey DWI Legal Representation

8 things to look for in an NJ DWI Legal Representation. …learn more