The DWI defense team in the law firm of Lomurro Law, has access to the firm's attorneys who devote themselves to the firm's core principles: being the best-qualified lawyers in their areas of practice.

The attorneys on the DWI defense team endeavor to provide the highest level of representation while assisting those charged with DWI/DUI through the litigation process. In addition to DWI cases the legal team is involved in the reform of the Municipal Courts of New Jersey and the laws as they relate to Driving While Intoxicated and related offenses.

Our DWI defense team also participates in sharing information via: articles, videos, presentations, legal education seminars, and papers to educate New Jersey lawyers on how to best represent defendants in DWI cases.

Meet Peter Lederman and Learn About the Defense Process

Meet Peter Lederman and Learn About the Defense Process

Meet Peter Lederman and Learn About the Defense Process

Third and Subsequent Offenders for DWI

Third and Subsequent Offenders for DWI

Third and Subsequent Offenders for DWI

“How To Win a Case” Strategy with Peter Lederman

“How To Win a Case” Strategy with Peter Lederman

“How To Win a Case” Strategy with Peter Lederman

Peter Lederman awarded the 2020 Municipal Court Attorney of the Year by the New Jersey State Bar Association



Peter Lederman DWI LawyerWhen you get stopped for a DWI, it’s a lot worse than you think.  You need someone who has experience, a proven record and dedication to his clients.

Peter Lederman has been moving through the confusing maze of DWI Law for over 35 years.

He is a specialist in this area of the law.  He was Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Municipal Court Lawyer

Call Peter at 732-261-1653. Speak to him and you will find someone who gives his all for his clients. The phone call and consultation are free, so there is no obligation. Let him tell you all the scenarios and what you have to face.

Are you from Out of State? Fail a Field Sobriety Test?  Not your first DWI? Have a CDL? In the Military?

He is the first attorney you should call, but if you called another and it did not work out, call Peter and he can get you the outcome you should have gotten in the first place.

His clients rate him as “Phenomenal”, “Outstanding Results”, “Extremely Knowledgeable.”  If you want that kind of service and the person “who will go the extra mile for you”, Peter Lederman should be your attorney.

With over 5000 cases, he has argued every type of DWI case there is. When your back is up against the wall, you want someone with experience like Peter Lederman in your corner.

If you prefer, you can reach him via email at

Give him a call, he can explain all of your options and how they will represent you. It will be the best call you ever make.

What clients are saying about us

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Passionate and Personal Attention.
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He beat my dui case, and is a great man!!!! The best Delilah - March 11, 2021
"Peter lederman and his staff are the best. Mr lederman helped me beat a dui charge after an arrest and horrible crash. He was patient with me and my family. He spoke with me on multiple occasions decreasing my anxiety over my dui case. Everyone around me told me not even a lawyer can help me beat my case. Mr lederman is very kind and doesn’t just care about beating someone’s case, he also cares about the person understanding what they did wrong and sets up his client for not only a positive outcome with the dui case, but a positive outcome with the person understanding how not to repeat this behavior. His staff, Jessica and Noreen treated me and my family amazing. Both women were very patient and kind and made sure I understood what me lederman was doing. Not only did I beat my case and have dui charges dropped , but I learned from this horrible mistake only because of mr ledermans words. He is a great man. Thank you mr lederman for helping me change my life around and for getting my dui charges dropped."
Peter what you have done for me! L P - February 11, 2021

"Hey Peter,

Long time no talk. I just want you to see what you have done for me cause of you I’m not in jail and I have just got the most certs from MIT and now I’m in the Harvard BS-MS program. This was all possible cause of how you fought for me and made it possible for me to move forward. I just found out and I want to share this with you cause you have made this possible. When I do graduate from Harvard I will always know it’s because you gave me a 2nd chance in life.


"Peter did an amazing job with my case! Not only did he display complete professionalism but also demonstrated how truly passionate he is in regards to assisting his clients. I received 10 tickets and one of them had been a DUI with refusal. He devoted his time into finding what had not been just in my case. My court date came and I kid you not, a miracle happened. I came out with no DUI, no record, of arrest and no DUI with refusal. He is definitely one that I will recommend and definitely someone that I will forever be grateful for!"
A true miracle worker Craig - August 8, 2020
"I was faced with the greatest crisis of my life, a second DUI, along with 5 other serious charges. From the start, there was nothing my first lawyer could do to avoid a 2 year loss of license, 1 year interlock, classes, hefty fines, and loss of credibility. Peter was able to delay the case and ultimately force the prosecutor into a careless driving charge, dismissed the DUI, with no loss of license, because legal tactics which left the States case as a "house of cards". He has giving me a true new lease on life, which will not be squandered. God bless!"
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Rebecca Reed - June 26, 2020

"When I first came to Mr. Lederman, I had put myself in a very bad situation and was scared of the outcome that I was facing. Mr. Lederman walked me through every step of the way with patience, care and virtue. He went through every possible scenario step by step in order for me to understand the consequence of my charges. He showed up at every court appearance until my case was complete. The outcome was better then I had originally thought it would be, because of the intense knowledge that Mr. Lederman knew about my case. If it wasn't for him I would have definitely had a very bad outcome. I highly suggest for anyone that faces criminal charges to give this man a call. Thanks again Sir for all your help in my matter."

"You have not only devoted your life to represent DWI defendants, but you have spent much time educating other lawyers. I just wanted you to know that we appreciate the commitment you have made"


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Podcasts with Peter Lederman

Around Ocean County on WJRZ 100.1

Lisa Anderson's June 25th interview with DWI Defense Partner Peter H. Lederman

A great deal of helpful information was exchanged in an in-depth discussion on the reasons people drink and drive and the issues that need to be addressed to curtail the problem.

The program also aired on 95.9 WRAT.

Interview on WCTC AM Radio 1450

Hear Peter Lederman’s on-air interview with Bert Baron, WCTC AM Radio 1450

He spoke with Peter on DWI concerns, including how to improve DWI legislation for those who have been charged.

Townsquare Tonight on Beach Radio

Radio Discussion on DWI, NJ Municipal Courts, & the Future

The program aired on Beach Radio WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 and also streamed on 92.7 WOBM.

Click here to read more