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The DWI defense team in the law firm of Lomurro Law, has access to the firm's attorneys who devote themselves to the firm's core principles: being the best-qualified lawyers in their areas of practice.

The attorneys on the DWI defense team endeavor to provide the highest level of representation while assisting those charged with DWI/DUI through the litigation process. In addition to DWI cases the legal team is involved in the reform of the Municipal Courts of New Jersey and the laws as they relate to Driving While Intoxicated and related offenses.

Our DWI defense team also participates in sharing information via: articles, videos, presentations, legal education seminars, and papers to educate New Jersey lawyers on how to best represent defendants in DWI cases.

Meet Peter Lederman and Learn About the Defense Process

Meet Peter Lederman and Learn About the Defense Process

Meet Peter Lederman and Learn About the Defense Process

Third and Subsequent Offenders for DWI

Third and Subsequent Offenders for DWI

Third and Subsequent Offenders for DWI

“How To Win a Case” Strategy with Peter Lederman

“How To Win a Case” Strategy with Peter Lederman

“How To Win a Case” Strategy with Peter Lederman

DWI isn’t just a motor vehicle violation. It isn’t just a loss of driving privileges. It’s your reputation, your job, your career. It’s personal and it never goes away…

DWI cases are hard to win. Successful representation requires understanding what it takes to achieve results and having a plan to achieve those results, along with the highest degree of preparation, experience and client involvement. In a word it takes passion to succeed in these cases.

That’s why my practice has for over 35 years been limited to defending over 5000 drivers charged with DWI and related offenses across the State of New Jersey, why I have been Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Municipal Court Lawyer, presented seminars and written columns for the New Jersey Law Journal about reforming DWI laws and the New Jersey Municipal Court system and served as Chairman of the New Jersey State Bar Association Municipal Court Section.

Give us a call. I’ll be glad to take the time to explain what we do and how we represent clients
in DWI cases.

What clients are saying about us

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Passionate and Personal Attention.
Award Winning Super Lawyer. 100+ 5 Star Reviews.

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"I hired Mr. Lederman after my crushing of a disappointment of a lawyer failed to do his job. The minute I met Mr. Lederman, I instantly knew that he knew what he was doing and he would be able to help me. Tonight I’am happy to say that we won in court, finally finished. I owe it all to him. I highly recommend Mr. Lederman to anyone that has incurred a DWI."

Phenomenal Lawyer, Outstanding Results Justin - September 26, 2019

"Mr. Lederman delivered outstanding results. My case began with charges for a second dui and a refusal to breathalyze. I was in a bind with astronomical consequences. I was referred to him by a family member who claimed he was the absolute best lawyer for DUI cases. After my first consultation with Peter my confidence was renewed. His substantial level of expertise and his resounding confident demeanor spoke volumes. He truly is a force to be reckoned with in court and a resounding life coach, instilling absolute logic and responsible advice to his clients. As of today my case is complete and Mr. Lederman was able to achieve just a 90 day suspension. This renewed sense of hope that was given to me was only possible through hiring Mr. Lederman as my lawyer. If you are reading this and stuck in a bind as I was in the beginning of my DUI case, your absolute best decision is to hire Peter Lederman in order to achieve utmost success."

"I was facing a second DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, and a myriad of local traffic charges. To say I was frightened is an understatement, but Mr. Lederman helped alleviate those fears. He told me that I had certain rights, and that there were things I must do to help myself. He handled my case in a professional manner, and demonstrated all of his expertise. I ended up with a 90 day license suspension, and a fine. I was facing almost two years of license suspension, as well as many local fines. He took care of my case in an extraordinary manner, and achieved the best result possible. He is an exceptional lawyer, and I recommend him to anyone who needs a DUI attorney."

Best darn attorney I've ever retained Ahmed - September 12, 2019

"I was convicted of DWI in April of 2016 at the time my only legal status was DACA(deferred action for childhood arrivals) and had no idea my DWI charge could come in the way of my immigration status! So i hired an attorney who made me plead guilty to the DWI charge, a big mistake! cause shortly after that i found out through my immigration attorney that I’m no longer allegeable for DACA cause of my guilty plea to DWI. I was torn into pieces i didn’t know which way to turn then i spoke to a friend of mine who suggested i should speak to Mr. Lederman of who he speaks of in high regards. I decided to give Mr. Lederman a chance to see if my case can be heard again and get the court to vacate my guilty plea, Lo and behold he didn’t just get me a post conviction relief but also got my case thrown out of the court i couldn’t have gotten a better attorney! The best DWI attorney in the state of New Jersey! I recommend anyone with a DWI charge to retain him immediately i promise you wouldn’t be disappointed! Thank you Mr. Lederman for your outstanding service you’ve made the happiest person. God bless you." Best regards, Ahmed


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Podcasts with Peter Lederman

Around Ocean County on WJRZ 100.1

Lisa Anderson's June 25th interview with DWI Defense Partner Peter H. Lederman

A great deal of helpful information was exchanged in an in-depth discussion on the reasons people drink and drive and the issues that need to be addressed to curtail the problem.

The program also aired on 95.9 WRAT.

Interview on WCTC AM Radio 1450

Hear Peter Lederman’s on-air interview with Bert Baron, WCTC AM Radio 1450

He spoke with Peter on DWI concerns, including how to improve DWI legislation for those who have been charged.

Townsquare Tonight on Beach Radio

Radio Discussion on DWI, NJ Municipal Courts, & the Future

The program aired on Beach Radio WOBM AM 1160 and 1310 and also streamed on 92.7 WOBM.

Click here to read more