DWI lawyer near Bridgewater NJ

Seminar Testimonial

This is a comment from one of Mr. Lederman’s colleagues after a seminar he gave on March 18th 2021. “You have not only devoted your life to represent DWI defendants, but you have spent much time educating other lawyers. I just wanted you to know that we appreciate the commitment you have made.”

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DWI Lawyer

A Miracle Man

I will never forget Mr. Lederman’s last words after walking out of court. Mr. Lederman put one hand on my shoulder and said, “Son, I hope you have learned how tough you are through this experience. It’s not easy and nor should it be. You made an irresponsible decision and will be accountable for it. […]

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“The Best Possible Outcome”

Facing a tough case they turned to the best choice they had, Peter Lederman. With his personal and professional advice in and out of the court room Lederman helps all. Read more to find out how the case was settled.

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