“The Best Possible Outcome”

“I was facing a tough DUI case and going into it I didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. This wasn’t my first DUI but it WILL be my last.

I was facing a possible 3rd DUI. After doing research, I ran across Peter Lederman’s profile and read all the positive reviews and decided to give him a call. After my first meeting with Peter, I really felt the passion he has for his job and that he really does care about his clients.

He DOES NOT want you to drink and drive again and he makes that very clear. He talks to you with respect but does expect a lot from you. After seven months my case was finally settled. I was lucky to have found Peter and was able to have him represent me.

He got me the best possible outcome. Thank you so very much Peter for your dedication to my case and for your personal advice.”


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