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We all make mistakes, and I made one back in December 2019. After the holiday party with my friends, I drove home, not realizing I had to drink more than I should. My BAC was 0.16..not great at all, to say the least. I hired a different lawyer, much cheaper, which was a HUGE mistake. You pay for what you get. Soon after, I fired the lawyer and went to Mr. Peter; he was extremely understanding and clearly explained the consequences and pointed on my case’s weaknesses. Due to the covid, my case was rescheduled many times and today was a day of a trial. Mr. Peter was able to DISMISS my DUI case, and we didn’t even have to do a trial at all!!!! I couldn’t believe that! I walked away with reckless, 90 days suspension and a small fine with no DUI record on my case! I am so happy and so grateful I went to him. One thing I should’ve done differently, I should’ve gone to him in the first place! Contact Mr. Peter; everyone deserves a second chance!

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