DUI & Leaving The Scene of An Accident in New Jersey

Look no further than Peter Lederman when it comes to DUI!

He is pricier than others but he is without a doubt worth every penny. I did a lot of research online which led me to Mr. Lederman. I met with him and also a few other attorneys, but none of them gave me the peace of mine Peter gave me upon meeting him.

He is very blunt and thoroughly explains everything in detail about the process, pro’s and cons and possible outcomes. He makes you do some “homework” and complete a few tasks but it’s nothing major and all for your benefit in court.

I had a BAC of 1.2 and I was facing about a year & a half of suspension for DUI & leaving the scene of an accident and ended up having all charges reduced to a careless driving and a 60 day suspension.

The day of court the judge even congratulated him for doing such a fine job, and when we walked out two of the cops came outside in awe and shook his hand and said they’ve never witnessed that. I am eternally grateful to Peter for doing such an amazing job. Without a doubt he is the BEST of the BEST!!!!

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