DWI and Refusal Dismissed

I thought the world was going to end when I got pulled over for DWI/Refusal. My wife and I did some research and met with Peter. We hired him on the spot. Yes, he was a bit more expensive but he is worth every penny.

Peter is tough but kind, there were a few times I did not like what he had to say and he sensed my frustration. He broke it down where it made sense to me and it turned out to be the right decision. He also is there to serve “YOU” he doesn’t do anything unless you give the go ahead. His knowledge of the law is ridiculous and I recommend you do what he ask you to do.

In closing Peter and Jessica are great. They made this horrible mistake I made bearable and I am forever grateful. I would not go anywhere else, because I believe your chances of getting a favorable outcome are greater with Peter Lederman.

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