Make the first great choice by choosing Peter Lederman.

I could write a book about how grateful I am for finding Peter Lederman.

I was facing a 2nd DUI with refusal, and reckless. This means 2-4 years no driving along with expensive fines, possible jail time and major insurance increases upon license reinstatement.

This speaks nothing of the social stigma or shame that comes with a DUI. Peter was my choice, because from the first phone call he was tough, honest and knew DUI law inside out.

I knew that the decisions that led me to this were my mistakes and the consequences were great. Changes needed to be made on my part. Hiring an excellent lawyer was a piece in an important puzzle. Peter demands that you work while he does. I went to alcohol counseling and really made changes in my life. Peter will not promise specific results, and he shouldn’t, because each case is different.

I guarantee that he will put every bit of his knowledge and experience into your case. I trusted Peter and am overwhelmed with my results. My case was dismissed. My trooper never showed up to court. All charges were dismissed and I drove myself home from court. Peter Lederman is the only choice if you want the best possible results. Peter is well respected in the court system and it’s because of his skillful navigation of all aspects of the process.

I will forever be grateful to him and forever changed from the experience. Don’t drink and drive. If you make a mistake like I did, call Peter. It will be the first great choice that you make after making the wrong one.

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