DWI Lawyer Holmdel NJ

Change in Legal Representation for the Town of Holmdel

Attorney Peter Lederman announces change in legal representation for the town of Holmdel, New Jersey The law firm of Davidson Eastman Munoz Lederman & Paone announced a change in its firm. They no longer provide legal counsel to the Town of Holmdel. With the potential conflict of interest, until this change, the firm had limited […]

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Candid camera, police style

Candid Camera, Police Style

As an attorney defending drivers in DWI cases, I look to the video, whether mobile, body cam, in-station or from a pole outside a 7-Eleven store, to find out what really happened.

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do the right thing

Do The Right Thing

A proposed senate bill would create a diversionary program for certain defendants charged with DWI; is adopting it the right thing to do? By Peter Lederman, Esq. Published in the New Jersey Law Journal Do the right thing! That’s what is expected of us. It’s not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it’s the […]

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