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Charged with DWI/DUI in Old Bridge?

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A DWI charge is a serious motor vehicle violation and it is imperative that you contact a lawyer that is experienced in DWI cases to defend you in the Old Bridge Municipal Court system.

The DWI defense lawyers of Lomurro Law have experience with DWI/DUI cases in Old Bridge, Middlesex County and throughout New Jersey.

The court may impose mandatory fines, surcharges, community service, interlock devices, driver’s license suspensions, permanent records of conviction and in some cases mandatory jail. Our DWI attorneys have been defending DWI cases for 30 years and they are well versed in the nuances of the local court where knowledgeable legal defense is so critical. Put our experience to work on your DWI case.

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Take your defense seriously, ask for one of the DWI attorneys of Lomurro Law for your DWI/DUI defense in Old Bridge.

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