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Middlesex County DWIFind yourself facing a ticket for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), DUI, or Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test within Middlesex County?

It is highly recommended that you select a lawyer with the DWI defense experience in the Middlesex County municipal court system to defend your DWI charge(s). Peter Lederman from the law offices of Lomurro Law  has built his legal practice around DWI / DUI cases.

Peter Lederman is both experienced and passionate about defending people with DWI charges in New Jersey. He has been involved in the reform of the Municipal Courts of New Jersey and the laws as they relate to DWI offenses. He has experience in the Middlesex County municipal court systems.

Peter is actively involved in teaching people about the consequences of a DWI offense in New Jersey. He conducts presentations about the legal side of DWI to new drivers in high schools and he teaches attorneys how to best represent defendants in DWI cases.
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Middlesex County Municipal Courts

Following are a list of towns in Middlesex County and links for information about the local town Municipal Courts:

Legal Defense for DWI Charges in Middlesex County, New Jersey

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