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Change in Legal Representation for the Town of Holmdel

Attorney Peter Lederman announces change in legal representation for the town of Holmdel, New Jersey

The law firm of Davidson Eastman Munoz Lederman & Paone announced a change in its firm. They no longer provide legal counsel to the Town of Holmdel.

With the potential conflict of interest, until this change, the firm had limited opportunities to handle certain cases. As the head of the firm’s DWI defense team and partner, Peter Lederman can approach other opportunities which were restricted while serving as the town’s legal counsel.

“The DWI defense team endeavors to provide the highest level of representation while assisting those charged with DWI/DUI through the litigation process,” stated Lederman. While the firm served as town counsel, Lederman was not able to represent DWI clients from Holmdel in the town’s municipal court.

Whether an individual is charged in a first time offense or subsequently, each carries its own legal complexities. In addition to DWI cases, Lederman and his legal team are involved in the reform of the Municipal Courts of New Jersey and the laws as they relate to Driving While Intoxicated and related offenses. They also participate in sharing information via: articles, videos, presentations, legal education seminars, and papers to educate New Jersey lawyers on how to best represent defendants in DWI cases. For over 30 years attorney Lederman’s legal practice has been limited to the defense of drivers who are charged with Driving While Intoxicated.

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