Pending Legislation on Restricted Work Licenses

It appears almost certain that important changes will soon be made to New Jersey DWI laws. During the Legislative Session which recently ended, a proposed law allowing for driving privileges after DWI conviction with installation of an Interlock device ( IID ) was nearly adopted. The act came close to adoption in the New Jersey Assembly after being passed by the NJ Senate. This Session, new proposals have already been made which offer similar types of driving privileges upon conviction for some DWI offenses. Unlike all States which border New Jersey, our State has no provision for operation of vehicles after suspension for a DWI violation. These proposals will change this status and bring New Jersey closer to other States that recognize the need to drive for work and family even after a DWI conviction.

What makes the New Jersey proposals different from other neighboring States is the reliance on installation of the Interlock device as the basis for conferring limited driving privileges after a DWI suspension. There seems to be a belief in our Legislature that somehow the Interlock device will be a major tool to prevent future driving while intoxicated. Obviously, the device will be of no use if drivers ingest substances other than alcohol such as marijuana, other “recreational” drugs or prescription drugs. There are other problems with the proposed New Jersey changes which we will discuss at a later time.

We will update the status of pending legislation as they occur. If you have any questions concerning restricted/work licenses, please contact me at my office.

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