In Good Hands – You Get What You Pay for & More for DWI Defense

I ran into some trouble, no pun intended. I was facing very serious consequences.

The first thing I did, was, of course, to do on line searches based on my case. Several firms, and names came up that specialized in this particular field of DUI/DWI. I proceeded to call the different suggestions based on the online reviews.

When I called Mr. Lederman’s office, I had a feeling my search was over. Immediately, his staff was courteous and professional but above all empathetic. I was told Mr. Lederman would call me back that same day. Within an hour, I had the “call.”

That call, actually really changed my life. More than just handling the legal aspects of my case, I sensed that Mr. Lederman was about more. He was about arriving at the root cause and addressing how to resolve the matter at the core. He made me realize that I had to take ownership of the issue and to come up with a plan on how to go forward. It is this, that was key in my defense.

He was then able to easily demonstrate to the justice system, that while yes, I had erred, I did enact a plan to not only change the behavior but to ensure the safety and well being of others.

In person, his care and demeanor were simply magnified with his quirky sense of humor. He is a very astute man and very capable in his field. He views the issue at hand and devises winning strategies. In a sense, you become a team member and he coaches you on how to enact the appropriate change.

Because of his extensive expertise and experience he is well connected with the right group of people who also are able to view the situation and further the actions towards successful outcomes. I was referred to people he has worked with in the past. At first, of course, one may think, this is just a ploy to get more money out of you. It isn’t. Everything that was recommended was with and for good reasons.

I faced 4 years’ loss of driving privileges at the very least. I did end up with just a 6 month suspension. After all, I did have to take responsibility for my actions. But the process helped me.

His way was the right way. He is worth every penny. I’ve had to hire a lawyer in a previous similar case. I only wish I had done as much research as I did this time. Had I had Mr. Lederman in that instance, I probably wouldn’t have had this second experience. Old adage truly applies, you get what you pay for in life. Thank you Mr. Lederman, Jessica and the rest of the team. Awesome ethic!

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