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The Borough of Allentown is a small, but scenic and historic village located in central New Jersey, located around the Mill Pond and along Doctor’s Creek and Indian Run. An idyllic town with one of New Jersey’s most charming and walkable main streets complete with restaurants, unique shops, a spa, salons, medical offices, historic homes, and a public library that is located in a former church.

The residents value artists, gardening, religion, and education boasting one of the best school districts (the Upper Freehold Regional School District) in New Jersey. A diverse community made up of single-family homes, duplexes, apartments, and local businesses. Allentown is often voted on of the best small towns in New Jersey. The residents want to keep it that way. Therefore, the police department is diligent to enforce the law and stop those driving while intoxicated.

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Census Bureau map of Allentown, New Jersey
Allentown Municipal Court
8 North Main Street
Allentown, NJ 08501

If you or a relative have been charged with a DWI in Allentown Borough, you’ll want a lawyer familiar with the town’s court system, and who can safeguard your rights. THE DWI DEFENSE TEAM has handled a multitude of DWI cases and have often been able to have charges dismissed, amended to lesser criminal charges, and in some cases resulted in no motor vehicle points on traffic tickets.

It is critical to understand that a DWI case exceeds the fundamentals of law; your attorney must also know the intricacies of the local court, in this case, Allentown, NJ. That level of expertise and client care is exactly what THE DWI DEFENSE TEAM provides to you.

The Allentown Municipal Court for DWI/DUI Cases

The state of New Jersey views driving under the influence (or DWI) quite seriously. The Municipal Court can impose harsh penalties on those who are charged with DWI. You may not be aware that the Municipal Court of Allentown will consider a range of case options in a DWI case. Some examples:

  • Impose mandatory fines
  • Decide on Surcharges
  • Assign Community service
  • Rule on Interlock devices
  • Suspension of driver’s license
  • Permanent records of conviction
  • Mandatory jail time

For the reasons above if you are caught while driving under the influence, it is critical that you hire an experienced DWI lawyer for your DWI/DUI defense. There is no room to even think about going it alone or to select a general practice lawyer.

Take your defense seriously, ask for one of the DWI attorneys of Lomurro Law for your DWI/DUI defense in Allentown.

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