DWI Law Change: Commercial Drivers License

Legislature expands commercial driver’s license (CDL) suspensions upon DWI convictions for operation of personal vehicles.

In another new change, the New Jersey Legislature has adopted legislation amending existing laws concerning suspension of commercial driver’s license (CDL) privileges in DWI cases.

Under the prior law, a conviction for DWI and a suspension of driving privileges where a personal motor vehicle had been operated, would not affect the status of the Defendant’s commercial driving privileges.

However, under the new law, if an individual loses his license for driving while intoxicated while operating his personal motor vehicle, a suspension of commercial driving privileges will also arise. This suspension will, in most cases, exceed the suspension of personal driving privileges. The only exception to this rule is when the Defendant is found guilty of refusing to take the breath test and the charge of driving while intoxicated is dismissed. In that case, there may be no adverse affect on commercial driving privileges.