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"I researched for the best DUI lawyer and came across Mr. Lederman, I had no idea just how great a lawyer and person he is. He is very blunt with you and you may not like some of the things he says at first but after a little while it sinks in and you appreciate the honesty he provides. He is very meticulous and explains step by step how he will work the case which provided such a great sense of ease during my terrible situation. He managed to turn my 2nd DUI into reckless driving which is amazing, there are so many fines/community hours/long term suspensions that I could have received instead. I advise everyone going thru a DUI/DWI case to choose Mr. Lederman, you will be floored by how happy you'll be when you get such a great outcome. Thank you Mr. Lederman and Team!"
-October 2016


Videos produced by our DWI attorney to explain various DWI topics.

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Articles written about topics covering DWI laws and the Municipal Court system in New Jersey.

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News about DWI laws in New Jersey and relevant events and news items.

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Frequently asked questions that we hear on a regular basis when someone is charged with a DWI in New Jersey.

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DWI Defense Attorney

For over 30 years Peter Lederman's legal practice has been limited to the defense of drivers who are charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

As the head of the DWI defense team and partner in the law firm of Davison, Eastman and Muñoz, Peter has access to the firm's attorneys who devote themselves to the firm's core principles: being the best-qualified lawyers in their areas of practice. This "adds to my ability to reach the best outcome for my clients" says Mr. Lederman.

The DWI defense team endeavors to provide the highest level of representation while assisting those charged with DWI/DUI through the litigation process. In addition to DWI cases the legal team is involved in the reform of the Municipal Courts of New Jersey and the laws as they relate to Driving While Intoxicated and related offenses.

Our DWI defense team also participates in sharing information via: articles, videos, presentations, legal education seminars, and papers to educate New Jersey lawyers on how to best represent defendants in DWI cases.

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