Interview on WCTC AM Radio 1450 Podcast

The Tiger Tapes, Substance Abuse, and DWI

Hear Peter Lederman’s on-air interview with Bert Baron, WCTC AM Radio 1450

Peter is a DWI defense attorney in New Jersey. He recently wrote an article that was published in the New Jersey Law Journal, "The Tiger Tapes". The article touches on substance issues and DWI and the New Jersey driving while intoxicated.

Bert interviewed Peter on NJ DWI concerns, the article, including how to improve DWI legislation for those who have been charged.

Peter Lederman is passionate about DWI defense. He believes that recovery is equally as important as punishment, he can be quoted as saying “Reward those who recover. ”

More people arrested for DWI should receive the kind of support that Tiger Woods is getting. Read the article “The Tiger Tapes

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